Would you like to know more about the latest in air conditioning technology? How about tips on how you can maximise your aircon use while reducing your energy bills? You have come to the right place. We have an exclusive category for AC users, as well as those who are planning to buy a new unit.

You do not have to go anywhere else whether you plan to purchase an AC for the first time or you want to replace your old unit. Many systems are great, but it does not mean that they will all fit into your home. We are experts in different types of air conditioners, so we can give you the best advice you can get.

We will also help you determine if it is time to replace your aircon or perhaps you can fix the problem yourself. Of course, the goal is to keep the warranty if your system is still covered.

Buying an air conditioner can be a complex task. You have to consider the space, your budget, and other needs. Our blog posts in this category will steer you in the right direction. This way, you will be satisfied with your purchase at the end of the day.

Perth residents need air conditioning systems since the summers are hot and dry in the city. It always helps when you are armed with information before you buy, fix, or replace your air conditioner.

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How to Recycle an Old Air Conditioner

Pile of disposed air conditioning and HVAC units.
When temperatures begin to climb, many homes in Australia are prepared to stay cool. It’s all thanks to the ever-reliable air conditioners. And in Perth where it’s almost always sunny, homeowners know how crucial the cooling appliance is especially in the summer. That’s why it isn’t surprising that about 74% of Perth homes have an aircon installed.

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Aircon Leaking or Dripping: Why It’s Happening and What to Do About It

Wall stain from aircon leakage.
Leaking water from the indoor unit of your air conditioner is not a common occurrence. During Perth summers, homeowners want to make sure that their aircon will work efficiently. However, if you see that the AC is leaking, one of the first steps to take is to turn the unit off ASAP.

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The Benefits of Air Conditioning in Classrooms

Students raising their hands in class.
For millions of Australian students, going back to school can be an exciting time. They can reconnect with their friends and engage in new possibilities. But this excitement is often curbed when they think about their sweltering classrooms. Children, most especially, are not too keen on learning because of the discomfort brought about by little to no air conditioning.

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Comprehensive Guide to Buying Ducted Air Conditioning

A house with effective running ducted air conditioning.
If you live in Perth, you know that summers can be hot and dry. You may get some rainfall, but it is very seasonal. The temperatures can go from 17.5 to 30 C and quite often higher than this. While the “Fremantle Doctor” may offer a little bit of relief in the afternoons, it is not always enough.