The corona virus policy of Acsis aircon.

During the Coronavirus pandemic; people are spending so much more time at home rather than going to the office, and people are concerned about everything that relates to their family and the virus. ACSIS air conditioning wishes to advise our customers in relation to this pandemic.

Our Basic Rules

  1. First, we fully support all of the Australian Government’s pandemic guidelines – This means any of our employees who are not feeling well, stay home rather than coming to work.
  2. We do as much of our business over the phone or online as possible – Unnecessary face to face visits have been completely eliminated.
  3. Our office is only open for staff, to reduce as much person to person contact as possible.
  4. Before our technicians come to your home they have a wellness check – Technicians are checked each morning to make sure they are well and don’t have any sign of illness. Any employee with a medically inadvisable temperature, cough or any other cold or flu symptoms is sent home.
  5. We keep a distance at work – We try to keep the recommended distance of 1.5m from our clients when working in your home and try not to touch anything unnecessarily.
  6. Technicians hygiene when at your home – We know that your family’s health is your main concern, so our technicians have been told to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser before entering your home.
  7. Payment plans – We know that many people have been hit financially by the coronavirus, particularly those in service industries. Therefore, we will work out payment plans to help you out as much as possible, when advised prior to installations.

Feel free to call us if you have any coronavirus concerns, and know that we are open and stand ready to give you the same great Air Conditioning Service you expect from us.