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Want to Earn More on the Web? We Can Make it Happen More Visitors. More Sales.

More Web Profits

Generate More Sales

More Web Traffic is the first step.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help:

This can include:

  • Press Releases, Blogging, and Blog Posts generating inbound links critical for success
  • On-site optimization of the website structure, text, and unseen elements
  • Targeted Social Media and Social Monitoring
  • Frequent review of web analytics and reformulation of strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing, also called Pay per click
  • Retargeting
  • Abandon cart email –
  • And that is the tip of the iceberg…


We can help you through this maze of products and find what helps you increase your traffic.

Visitors are good. Customers are better.

We know how to keep customers on your site and get more of them to buy.

“If you build it, they will come.”  Almost…don’t stop dreaming.  We can help.



Helping you lead with Outstanding Technology.

Web Strategy for Profit

Is your website just an expense? Let’s figure out why and change that to profit. Our websites can easily be updated by the owner. When your head hits the pillow, your website is still working to sell for you. No need to call for help to update…do it yourself.

But, we are just a call away.

Websites - Current Updates

If your website is beyond hope, if your nightmares are filled with anxious calls to a webmaster, or you can’t update it at all…or you need a new look.  We will build a website. – one that stays current with frequent updates so you have the newest widgets, bells and whistles, but you can easily update your website too. Really!

SEO, CRO, Social Media, and all that stuff

We don’t speak geek (actually, we will on request, but it breaks our hearts.) We like WEB STUFF SIMPLE, and it can be.

Our Focus - Your Profit

Let’s put our heads together. We know about how to profit on the web, and a bunch of other web stuff.  That means we know how to get customers to your site, and how to get them to purchase.

Start Now

Its never too soon to increase ROI

Why Wait?

Demystify and Simplify Website Challenges.

This can include:

  • What are customers doing on your site?
  • Add/Remove products easily?
  • Analytics in English

You Reap the Rewards.

Why Us?

Aspirin is cheaper but sales are more fun

Frustrated Woman

WebStuffSimple.com has been inspired when an Internet Strategist saw great opportunity to start an Internet Business. As an Internet Strategist. There would be no expenses paid to others for website development.  What ensued was a crazy year of packing and shipping – but insufficient time to keep the SEO perfected or to make any major changes to the website.
It became clear that it was impossible to keep a website perfected and run a small business, handling important calls from customers, and simultaneously updating the website – although, we did try to get congress to pass a bill for a 27 hour day… We were tough, so we tried it again. It seemed impossible.

How do the big guys do it? Big budgets. They have large web teams inside their organization, or go to an agency. And…that starts with a $20K price tag.

So, we decided to do something about it.

We know the web strategies, we’ve lived the challenge, and we can help you make a website earn money while you meet with your accountant, determine your marketing plan, or take a snooze. Do you feel those shoulder muscles relax yet?

Small, lean, and effective

Easy on the budget

We Keep it Lean

We keep our costs down with a virtual office, and don’t take on so much work that we can’t get it done, although we do convene for caffeine and pizza on occasion to be certain that we are all alive. And not simple apparitions on Skype. Truth be told, we can SEO, SEM, CRO and probably do many other acronyms by computer.

We Keep it Simple

  • We will give you reports that are easy to read, and, if you find them difficult, we will be there to review them with you when you need our help. We look for the best solutions, and offer website plans that are personalized to your needs. There are no cookie cutter solutions for the best results.
  • Get enterprise class service at a price that you can afford, and which will still increases your bottom line! Let’s get it done.
  • Give us a call…send us an email…or you’ll surely wish you did when you have that well earned income lining your pockets

About Us

Barb Parks

Barb Parks

Web Strategist

Barb has 30+ years experience as a software trouble-shooter and innovator. Choosing the web and pushing the envelope she developed a Content Management System for her clients prior to that being commonplace to allow small businesses to manage their own websites while allowing her to develop the first websites for many companies. She was a pioneer in SEO and distinguishes herself as an ethical web practitioner by testifying for the FTC against an organization selling false promises of top search engine ranking while actually harming their ranking.

Opal Bussart

Opal Bussart

Editor, Social Media Expert

Opal, a fiction writer at heart, began writing product descriptions and constructing websites at age 12. With a flare of originality her words were honored with high ranking just as Google started to prize unique descriptions, and from that point, she continued to learn the ins and outs of SEO.

Flexible Talent Team

Flexible Talent Team

Writers and Specilaists




Apple Valley, MN 55124